August makes me sad. Although some people describe August-New-School-Year time as a fresh beginning,  I always feel like it's an ending. The end of summer, which I love: the brightness, the greenness, the long days, the warmth, the feeling of bursting.  And, since my entire life revolved around a school year, that wave-like rhythm of … Continue reading August……sigh…..


27 memories….. in no particular order

  For your 27th birthday, here are 27 things I want to always remember. Fun food: Crab quesidillas, chicken & tortillas, desert sand Doing flips on your rope swing Big Fat Liar movie TV shows: Ghostwriter, Wishbone, Dudley the Dragon Dodge Dakota Goat Truck Walrus game: the big walrus (Dad) was hogging the sunny rock … Continue reading 27 memories….. in no particular order

When you’re desperate, hug the bunny.

Remember Aesop's fables, they all had morals like 'Necessity is the mother of invention.'  Personally, I've found desperation to be even better. This makes me recall a summer, long ago in another decade, when I supervised in the speech language pathology clinic. Back then, I wasn't in charge of anything. Someone asked me "Wanna supervise … Continue reading When you’re desperate, hug the bunny.