I’m fine…..

"I'm fine." How may times today, yesterday, last week, have you said it?  How many times did you kinda not mean it?  How many times did you really not mean it? Or, maybe you did feel fine at the moment, not realizing your death grip on that happy face stick was sapping every ounce of strength you have? Believe … Continue reading I’m fine…..


When you’re desperate, hug the bunny.

Remember Aesop's fables, they all had morals like 'Necessity is the mother of invention.'  Personally, I've found desperation to be even better. This makes me recall a summer, long ago in another decade, when I supervised in the speech language pathology clinic. Back then, I wasn't in charge of anything. Someone asked me "Wanna supervise … Continue reading When you’re desperate, hug the bunny.

It’s a good idea; just don’t call it organic…

So many thoughts, ideas, stories....why not share them? Maybe someone has felt the same way, maybe someone will laugh, maybe someone will scrunch up their face and say Huh? It's all ok, because I often laugh at myself. In fact, it's my philosophy of life.   Creating a blog was not on my retirement list.  Like all my good ideas, it just … Continue reading It’s a good idea; just don’t call it organic…